Sealer application prove to be futile if applied on exposed Areas or outdoors. By exposed areas here we mean area that have direct sunlight contact like swimming pools, play areas, etc.

For Outdoor Areas

The standard Sealers are used for residential and commercial purposes, especially indoor areas. If such sealers are used for outdoor areas, the capillaries that are formed due to chemical reaction of sealer solution and stone surface, will break open. Well capillary formation is vital as it protects the stone surface from sating and other damages. And if these capillaries are damaged, the stone is then unsafe from staining, crack formation and thus breakage.

For swimming Pools

For swimming pools water is in continuous contact with stone surface. The stones here if treated with such standard sealer, the coating will be washed away soon which will end up causing major damage to stone. Now imagine removing or changing tile(s) from huge areas like swimming pool. Can’t even think about it !!!

No company will give you guarantee for such Sealer durability if applied on outdoors or exposed areas.

What’s the Solution?

There are heavy duty Exterior Stone and Masonry Sealers that are water repellent and specially designed for outdoors areas like facades, cladding, pools, decks, parking areas, etc. These Sealers are highly resistant to chemicals like chlorine and weather like heavy rains, direct sunlight, etc.