Impregnating Sealer

Impregnating Sealer are type of penetrating sealer that penetrate deeply into material, saturating it with molecules forming capillaries within. These capillary pores repel water, oils and other liquid from entering the material. Impregnating Sealers are silanes (inorganic compound) or modifies silanes. Some of the modified silane sealers penetrate deep enough, thus protecting the stone or

Sealer Application for Exposed Areas

Sealer application prove to be futile if applied on exposed Areas or outdoors. By exposed areas here we mean area that have direct sunlight contact like swimming pools, play areas, etc. For Outdoor Areas The standard Sealers are used for residential and commercial purposes, especially indoor areas. If such sealers are used for outdoor areas,

True Process to Marble Coating with Sealer

Traditionally coating and polishing was done after installation of stone / marble. Today new marbles are coated and polished before installation. The coating solution penetrates through the marble by 4mm -5mm. Firstly the marble is poured with a water based chemical with crystal of nanotechnology. This process is called as “Peelane” in technical language. Actual

Basic know how on Penetrating Sealer-Stone Care

Penetrating Sealers are water based sealers that use siliconates, fluoro-polymers and siloxanes that repel liquids. These sealer actually form a permanent chemical bond with the stone surface by penetrating the surface of the stone enough to anchor the material to the surface. This means they last for many many years without much of maintenance. Penetrating

Basic know how on Topical Sealer – Stone Care

Topical Sealer - Stone Care Topical sealers adhere to the surface of the Marble or stone as like how the paint adheres to the wall. Topical sealers are good for stain resistance and provide decorative manifestation. Topical Sealers provide the utmost resistances to stains. Topical sealers are usually made from polyurethane, acrylics or natural wax.

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