Traditionally coating and polishing was done after installation of stone / marble.

Today new marbles are coated and polished before installation. The coating solution penetrates through the marble by 4mm -5mm. Firstly the marble is poured with a water based chemical with crystal of nanotechnology. This process is called as “Peelane” in technical language.

Actual Process to Coating

The marble is “Peelane “for 35 to 40 coats with this chemical. The water of this water based chemical gets evaporated while the rest of the chemical forms crystal that are actually visible. This “peelana” process is applied with a tool called Wiper. The process of “Peelana” is continued till saturation period. The marble otherwise will have slippery surface until this saturation level is achieved.

Since the process of coating “Peelana” is repeated several times i.e. until saturation period is achieved it takes quite a long time. Be it 100 sq. feet or 1,000 sq. feet, the application or sealer coating takes a total 10-15 days’ time.
While sealer coating is done, the marbles are not yet installed as flooring. They are separate pieces. The coating is done on the back side of the marble as well after which the marble is cut through “zero” followed by clear EXPOXY coating.

EPOXY coating

The sealer solution has resin and “Handa” (local term chemical) that is mixed in ratio of 1:2. This solution is then applied with help of aluminum piece called “Patda”(hindi word). When this solution is applied on marble, actual faults like cracks, pinholes, etc. (if any) are visible. With clear EPOXY solution, such faults and damages are completely sealed. Epoxy application usually takes a days’ time that includes drying time too. But for any extra solution spilled over the stone, it will take a few more hours for complete drying. Therefore in total is takes around 2 days for EPOXY coating.

Once EPOXY coating process is over, marble undergoes polishing process which takes 2 days. For polishing if one number stone for 100 sq. ft. flooring it takes time because of hardness. After this first step of polishing the pinholes and hairlines get filled and extra material get cut from marble. Now marble is open for treatment, which we called Marble Magic Treatment.

Time and Quantity required for Sealer Coating

On an average to cover 100 square feet Italian marble with Sealer, it requires 10-12 liters of sealer solution. So say per coat i.e. around 250 ml chemical is poured over marble which is called as “Peelana” through wiper tool. This chemical is spread through wiper from one end to other end of the room. This is first coat or one coat of sealer application. Similar 30-35 coats of sealer application is through. You may wonder that this is pretty time consuming process. Well. Not really it takes just 2 days to have 35 coatings done and dried. For 1st coat i.e. on unfinished marble takes 30-45 minutes say until saturation level is achieved. The next coating then consume lesser time. But in a day not more than 2 coatings are completed. This is because the saturation period keep increasing as it starts getting darker.

Once the sealant application process is completed, marble undergoes polishing process. Polishing is usually done with 2 no., 3no. or 4 no. polish paper. Followed by which again 10-15 coats of sealer solution is coated once again. Then finally the marble is polished with 6 no. polish paper.

Time Span of Marble after Sealer Application
So in future home owners need not worry to get into the headache of re-coating marble again. The product is very economically available in market but due to this lengthy process of application, it turns out to be quite expensive at the end. All said and done, the marble then turns out to be a life time product. Marble needs no intense care and maintenance then. Regular cleaning and polishing once in 5-7 years will make the marble shine like ever. Also many companies provide minimum 10 years warranty period too.