True Process to Marble Coating with Sealer

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Traditionally coating and polishing was done after installation of stone / marble. Today new marbles are coated and polished before installation. The coating solution penetrates through the marble by 4mm -5mm. Firstly the marble is poured with a water based chemical with crystal of nanotechnology. This process is called as “Peelane” in technical language. Actual

Polishing Marble Window Sill

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Firstly let’s understand what is Window Sill? Window sill is a strip of stone where 1 side is a finished edge used for window framing. The straight polished side is the top side of the sill while bottom 1/8” is inclined to match the top surface finish. Window sills are usually Natural stones. Initially window

An outline to Maintaining Stone Finish/Surface

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In conversation with Stone Care Solution head.. What is this Stone Care solution all about? At Stone Care Solution you have expert team providing superior quality Stone maintenance application like Sealers, enhancers, Stain removers and Epoxy bonding Agents. Our service includes a wide range i.e. application of Stain residents sealer, Backcoat Sealer, Floor sealer, and