Topical Sealer – Stone Care

Topical sealers adhere to the surface of the Marble or stone as like how the paint adheres to the wall. Topical sealers are good for stain resistance and provide decorative manifestation. Topical Sealers provide the utmost resistances to stains.

Topical sealers are usually made from polyurethane, acrylics or natural wax. But Topical coatings do vary greatly in appearance and endurance depending on which company or kind of sealer you choose. Appearance and endurance of sealer too varies with type of resins(s) used in sealer.

You Shall Know

Topical sealers are quite effective at preventing stains but since they are exposed on the stone surface, they tend to wear out easily particularly on high traffic flooring areas.

Topical Sealer change the appearance and slip resistance of the surface considerably especially when wet. Topical Sealers are non-breathable i.e. it does not allow water vapor and other gases to escape, and are also non-effective against salt attack such as efflorescence and spilling.

Price Range of Topical Sealers

Topical Sealer is available in different type i.e. depending on kind in material or resin present in it. The cost therefore will vary.

Well if home owners choose to have sealer-cum-enhancer, it will cost around Rs. 30 per square feet. This sealer-cum-enhancer is usually applied on external stones or marbles or Dado.

Also if Topical sealer is used to apply on bricks that have high porosity, the consumption of sealer will be more and therefore the material cost will increase. Say around Rs.35 to Rs.40 per square meter.

You do have Sealers with high chemical resistances and high abrasion resistance that last the longest, but it comes with a higher price tag.