Basic know how on Topical Sealer – Stone Care

Topical Sealer - Stone Care Topical sealers adhere to the surface of the Marble or stone as like how the paint adheres to the wall. Topical sealers are good for stain resistance and provide decorative manifestation. Topical Sealers provide the utmost resistances to stains. Topical sealers are usually made from polyurethane, acrylics or natural wax.

MagicPlast Gypsum Plaster

Magicplast is a ready to use gypsum based plaster coating product of Magicrete-building solution. Magicrete building solution has been providing high quality Aerated Autoclaved concrete blocks, panels and various other building materials. Magicplast is a lightweight gypsum plaster suitable for internal wall surfaces made of blocks, bricks or stones.Magicplast gypsum plaster can be used for

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