Sealer Application for Exposed Areas

Sealer application prove to be futile if applied on exposed Areas or outdoors. By exposed areas here we mean area that have direct sunlight contact like swimming pools, play areas, etc. For Outdoor Areas The standard Sealers are used for residential and commercial purposes, especially indoor areas. If such sealers are used for outdoor areas,

SHERA – Building a Nation without cutting a tree

SHERA is a brand started by Mahaphant group established in 1974, Bangkok, Thailand. They are the leading manufacturer of unique and environment-friendly fiber-cement products. The Mahaphant group With experience of more than 3 decades and an expertise in Autoclave Technology, The group is continuously catering to the changing needs and trends of construction and decoration

Stone Cladding- Highlighter for Interiors

Stone cladding is often a thin layer of real or replicated stone applied to architectural structure made of material other than stone. It is sometimes applied to concrete and steel buildings, especially commercial buildings as part of their original architectural design. Stone Cladding is an internal process.Stone cladding often refers to lightweight virtual stone products

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