STAIN FREE EPOXY GROUT – An EPOXY coating can be used for dado’s, and Epoxy flooring too. This Stain Free Epoxy Grout kit consists of 3 components i.e. Silica Powder, Resin and Hardener. For application firstly the Resin and Hardener are mixed in 1:2 ratio to which the powder is then mixed. Once the paste is mixed well, it is applied on given surface.

For Epoxy flooring, the paste could be thinner as it will easily flow over the surface and thus help in coating the surface effortlessly. But for vertical section like Dado, the paste or solution needs to be comparatively thicker for it to stay on required areas and not flow down.

Technique to EPOXY Application

• Firstly the Resin and Hardener are mixed in 1:2 ratio.
• Once it is mixed well, the Silica powder is mixed to the mixture.
• Once a smooth paste if formed, the chemical is applied on Dado or flooring with help of “Patda” (hindi word)
• Since EPOXY is a fast setting component, it dries up within 15-20 mins. Also the components are mixed in small quantities so that the remaining mixture doesn’t dry up before application.
• Once the coating is completely dried , the extra paste is cleaned with soap water and scrubber. Later on Appropriate leveling and finishing is given to this coating with wet hands.
The EPOXY coating is available in containers of 1 kg, 1.4 kg, 4 kgs, so on and so forth.

To give you and approximate proportion, Say a 1.4 kgs container will contain, 800gms is Silica powder, ½ kg Resin and 250 gms of Hardener.

Consumption Details

It’s difficult to provide exact consumption of coating mixture since the consumption is dependent on various factors like Stone (tile or marble) size, number of joints, its depth and type of stone too.

Well to give you an average consumption though, a 5.5 Epoxy container mixture will cover 150 square feet to 200 square feet area.

Time Taken

It takes 5-6 hours for Epoxy coating process and max to max say 1 day. Not more than that. Since Epoxy is fast setting coating, once applied, it dries up within no time.

Most of the time is consumed for joints i.e. cleaning it before coating application. For any water or liquid in joints, they are cleaned and dried which consumes lot of time. Otherwise Epoxy coating is applied in few hours’ time.

Once the Epoxy coating process is complete it is left for curing process for 12 hours. As I said earlier, the paste or solution dries up in max. 30 mins. But the coating is left for complete drying which may take a little longer due to moisture present in it and also for water to completely dry.

Price Range

The entire kit of Epoxy coating of 5.5 kg container costs around Rs. 4,800/-. This doesn’t include the labor charges. Usually the dealer or company will give a final estimate that includes material cost and labor charges too.

For companies, labor charges depend on stone type, size, number of joints, etc. Well even then if you calculate, labor cost around Rs.15- Rs.20 per running feet. (this is just an approximate cost)

Epoxy Grout Not for Existing Joints

EPOXY coating cannot be done on existing old flooring joints. Reason, for re-coating, the existing coating needs to be removed with grinder and other heavy machines. But use of such heavy machine swill cause the tile to break.
It is therefore recommended that get EPOXY coating done when yo have got new flooring installed/fixed.