What is a Stone Sealer?
Stone sealer is a chemical used on natural stone to impede staining and corrosion.

Why use a Sealer?

Natural stone like Marble, Italian Marble, granite, etc. used in kitchens, floors, walls, swimming pools, building foyers, lobby, façade, etc. is used in residential as well as commercial areas. The porosity of these natural stones, damages the stone easily if not sealed like-

Staining – the most common form of damage.

Salt Attack – Salt comes in contact with natural stone especially when salty water falls on the stone surface. Salt contact will either cause efflorescence or spalling .i.e. the chemicals present in water will form crystals on drying that can expand and harm the marble/stone.

Acid attack – Household acids, including cola, wine, vinegar, lemon juice and milk, can damage exposed stone. The milder the acid, the longer it takes to etch calcite-based stone; stronger acids can cause irreparable damage in seconds.

How are Stone Sealer Beneficial?
Let’s say you have Italian marble flooring installed. Now here it becomes very much essential to have undergone sealer application process. One of the key reason is that in today’s world it is very difficult to maintain Italian marble with only just regular cleaning.

Italian marble or any other marble undergoes daily abrasions and satins too. Marble is a breathable stone i.e. due to porosity it can absorb any kind of liquid or stain immediately. One the satins or liquid is absorbed it’s very difficult to clean it. Well for tougher stains, polishing process too turns out to be an impractical solution.

We would suggest you to clean up the stain or any kind of dirt immediately. But if not and the stain uncleansed for an hour or so, it will penetrate through the marble to abbot 3mm-4mm which is difficult to clean then. Marbles are 25mm thick on an average. But a is said before if the stain is cleaned immediately it doesn’t get a chance to penetrate and therefore gets whipped off easily.

Many home owners think of polishing as a solution. But the truth is polishing hardly will help remove tougher stains. Polishing barley penetrates through the stone to 1mm-2mm. For stains that have already penetrated through 4mm- 5mm, just polishing doesn’t really help. Home owners will have to get the marble stone changed in such cases.
I rather suggest you to spend few penny more and get coating done for expensive marble stones and especially Italian marble. Coating i..e sealer application isn’t much of an expensive affair. There are initial precautions to be taken but otherwise it can be cleansed with regular dusting and wet wiping.

With proper care and maintenance and polishing too, Marbles will last for years to come. Otherwise with just coating marbles will stay undamaged for next 5-6 years.