What are Stone Sealers?

Sealers, In simple tern are stain-proofing chemicals.

Usually a stone or Marble undergoes 3 basic process or application i.e. application of Sealer, Enhancer and Finally Restoration. Sealer as I said is done mainly for stain proofing, Enhancer are done to bring the the shine and luster of the stone. Any finally restoration is done to refurbish the marble or stone from scratches, chipping, cracks, etc. But out of there Restoration is the only process where sealing and polishing (enhancing) both process are done.

Well coming back to Sealer, Once Sealer is applied on Marble or Stone, its surface is free from any dust, stains, residues, impurities and also provides protection. Variety of Sealers Available in Market

There are various types of sealer available in market today. Most challenging part is which one to choose. Also, one needs to know what the stone type, surface finish and location too on which sealer is to be applied. But before that you need to also know what are you protecting the marble or stone from kitchen household stains, drinks, other chemicals, etc.

Not only this its also very essential to understand the limitations of Sealers. Sealers are designed to improve the natural stain resistance property of Marble / stone, but they do not provide 100% protection against all stains. Different sealers help stain proofing different chemicals. You will know this below where we talk about different Sealers.

Modern Sealers are categorized in 3 broad types
Topical Sealer
Penetrating Sealer
• Impregnating Sealer