Home owners can add style and drama to their walls with easy to apply Texture Paints. Texture Paints add visual depth and dimension to walls and home interiors in the easiest way. It also is one of the most inexpensive way to add design element to your walls.

You have different companies offering a wide range of home paints, shades, hues and textures readily available in market today. Asian Paints is one of them. Asian Paints have a range of innovative, ready to use special effect paints that bring life to your walls and add dimensions with use of textures, colors and hues.

Where can you have Texture Paints?

Texture paints can be used for TV wall, the dinning wall, wall behind the bed, corner wall, study table wall, or a beam/column that home owners want to highlight. Texture paints look beautiful in both small as well as big spaces and walls.

The thumb rule for having texture paints is have it painted in contrast to other hue than rest of the wall of the same room.This will not only show up the texture but also add a style statement to home interiors.

Different Styles or Designs of Texture Paints

Home owners can choose from different finish like metallic, non-metallic, glossy, matt, scrub paper effect, brush effect, sponge, stencil, etc. Also With a range of texture paint available, home owners can choose from different patterns or motifs as per the room theme or interior style like,

• For music lovers home owners can have disc effect texture paint for the wall,
• For bold geometric lovers there is spiral effect,
Splash effect to make walls appear artistic,
Seashell pattern for nature lovers
• Home owners can have a color-wash effect. This effect make one feel like desert disturbed by the wind.
Crinkle effect
• A mysterious “Dapple” effect
Weaving texture effect that creates multi-faceted persona for a room
Combing effect texture paint to create striated effect, etc.

As I said earlier, there is a wide range of texture paint effect, home owners can choose as per the interiors style and design.


The starting range of texture paints is Rs.95 per liter for non-metallic ones. The cost increases with type of finish and effect for texture paint. No matter what, texture paint will still turn out to be an inexpensive way to add style and dramatize your walls.


Texture Paints are quite a durable product if maintained with proper care and cleaning. But a Contractor or Interior Designer will give you minimum 5 years warranty. Here, there’s a reason why they say that. This is because a home owner will usually get his house re-painted every 5-6 years and therefore, for texture paints too they mention 5 years warranty.