Having an AC – Air conditioner is more of an essential product rather than luxury, especially for places like Mumbai, Delhi, etc. where summer are extremely hot. You may get to see almost in every house today.

AC’s definitely are not that expensive product but also cannot be easily afforded by every single person. Protecting AC’s is therefore very essential. AC is usually fitted at –

• Under the Window (for normal windows)
• Parapet wall (for split AC)
• Upper side of window (be It any type of window)

Why Extended Grills are that important

Basically be it any type of AC, split AC or window AC, it is fitted on window wall only. Here we therefore suggest home owners to have bigger or extended grill that will have AC within the same grill. The grills depth extended for machine is usually 18”.

Extended grill or box grill that have AC within makes the machine easily accessible. This works as an advantage especially while servicing needs to be done to the machine. Also for higher floors apartments with AC, such extended or bigger safety grills aid servicing people. If grills were not extended, it would have been hell of a task for servicing AC’s. Home owners too would find it difficult to clean and maintain for longer period.

Years back definitely extended grills were not an option. There were open-able grill system followed. But today that is something we wouldn’t suggest.

For Split AC’s too that are fitted on Parapet walls, we suggest home owners to have grills extended up to have machine included within.

Very rarely you may find AC fitted on other wall than window. Here. A separate box grill for AC is made and installed as like bow grill for windows.

In new building construction, home owners need not worry for getting safety grills extended or something as the grills fitted are extended or bigger grills.

For those renovating their homes, we suggest you to get extended grills installed for hassle free servicing whenever you have a machine in future.