Maintenance is one aspect every home maker is concerned be it smallest furniture, switch or anything. Well home owners can be rest assured as far as window grill cleaning and maintenance is concerned.

Windows and window grills are something that are constantly exposed to outside dust and pollution. It therefore needs regular cleaning. Also it is very essential to keep windows and window grills clean for healthy, clean and beautiful homes. Here are a few methods to have clean window grills…

Dry Dusting

Home owners can maintain the look of safety grill dry dusting it on daily basis. They can wipe the grill once in a while with damp cloth. Home owners can also brush off the window dust with a soft bristle brush. Removing dust in whichever ways is essential to make the wiping and washing process easier.

Use hot water

Hot water is the best cleaning agent when it comes to remove oily and greasy stains. To remove oily and greasy stains, soak a clean cloth in hot water, gently wipe off the grills with this warn cloth. Home owners can repeat this process until the stains are gone.

Vinegar with water solution

Vinegar with water is an excellent alternative to using other unfavorable cleaning agents. Use equal quantity of vinegar and water for cleaning the grills. This works the best for grills that have accumulated lots of dust. The biggest advantage of using vinegar with water solution is that it doesn’t leave any marks or spots on drying.

Use sock gloves

Clean your safety grills with an old sock which is of cotton based rather than a cloth. This is because a cloth may slip away from hand easily while wiping whereas the sock won’t.


For longer durability of safety grills, home owners shall get their safety grills painted every 4to 5 years. For cities with heavy rainfall, like Mumbai, home owners shall get the safety grills painted every 2 to 3 years.
Re-painting will help maintain shine and look of safety grill for more years.

Re-painting process

Re-painting grills doesn’t mean that’s they are just painted. The safety grills are firstly polished with rough paper to remove the original paint and dust particles. The safety grills are then treated with anti-rust solution to protect against corrosion. Once the anti-rust solution completely dries, the grills are painted with oil paint. The oil paint used to paint safety grills is first quality Asian paints. There are local oil paints too available, but will not give the shine and look as Asian paint oil paint.

Avoid using harsh chemicals and adhesives

Never use harsh chemicals and adhesives as these will cause the iron to rust easily. Use of harsh chemicals may rust the iron to the core which make it difficult to maintain exceptional quality standards of window grill.