If you notice the safety grills be it for window or balcony are typically black in color. You may also find few homes with silver color grills. These would be grills made of Stainless Steel. The paints used to paint the grills are oil-paints and that too the best quality paint used for metal finish.

There are various types of oil paints for metal surface easily available in market. I suggest home owners to have best quality paint i.e. First Quality Asian Paint for metal finish. A good builder or a grill fabricator too will use First Quality Asian Paint to paint the grill. There are other quality paints too available in Asian Paints, but nothing like First Quality Asian Paint.

What is First Quality Asian Paint???

As I said, there are different quality paints available in Asian paints itself for metal finish like Apcolite, Gattu, and British paints. Apcolite is the best quality paint used for metal finish and that’s the reason it is locally called as First Quality Asian Paint.

Apcolite Enamel is a solvent based all surface enamel paint. There are two different finishes Apcolite Enamel offers i.e. Apcolite Premium Gloss enamel and Apcolite Premium Satin enamel. Apcolite Premium Gloss enamel imparts glossy look and metal finish while Apcolite Premium Satin enamel imparts low sheen and a satin fabric like finish. It also features anti-fungal shield and offer about 25% more coverage than regular paints.

Local Oil Paints for Safety Grills

There are other regular oil-paints for metal surface too available but these will easily chip or come out, thus exposing the metal/ iron bar. This is kill the durability of your safety grills.

Cost Comparison

The local paints are available for Rs.150 per liter, whereas Asian Paints for metal finish are available for Rs.300 per liter.

But as I always say, why compromise on few penny on initial stage which may cost you more than double for repairing in future.