Extended safety grills for Ac’s

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Having an AC – Air conditioner is more of an essential product rather than luxury, especially for places like Mumbai, Delhi, etc. where summer are extremely hot. You may get to see almost in every house today. AC’s definitely are not that expensive product but also cannot be easily afforded by every single person. Protecting

Roof Tops for residential Purpose

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Firstly let’s understand what Roof Tops are. Rooftops are a part of architectural structure or building envelope. It is a covering on the upper most part of building that provides protection from birds and mainly weather like rains and sun heat. There are various types of material used as rooftops. The type of material used

Paints for your Safety Grills

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If you notice the safety grills be it for window or balcony are typically black in color. You may also find few homes with silver color grills. These would be grills made of Stainless Steel. The paints used to paint the grills are oil-paints and that too the best quality paint used for metal finish.

Installation Process of Balcony Grill

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Grills act as guardians to your homes. Be it buying a new property or renting it, safety grills is one feature every home owner look for. Surely one would, because property is the largest investment one, is making. We all would want our investment to be safe and secured. And so, if not installed, today

Safety Window Grills for Heavy Rainfall Areas

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Metals have a tendency to have chemical reactions with air and water when exposed to harsh environmental conditions, causing them to rust or corrode. Like, if iron is exposed to harsh atmosphere for an extended period. Also the iron and few other metals will start rusting due to oxygen interaction with water on the iron's