Grills act as guardians to your homes. Be it buying a new property or renting it, safety grills is one feature every home owner look for. Surely one would, because property is the largest investment one, is making. We all would want our investment to be safe and secured. And so, if not installed, today every home owner prefer to have grills installed in their homes be it for windows, safety door or balcony.

Balcony Grill

Safety Grills are installed for the reasons that –

• The key reason is to protect and safeguard houses from thefts and burglars. Also Grills are a great way of keeping unwanted intruders out.
• Another reason for why Grills are installed is to prevent accidents especially for homes where small kids are staying.
• In modern day scenario, safety alone is not the only reason. Grills sometimes are used to add beauty and elegance to the structure too.

Let’s have a look at how balcony safety grills are installed.

Installing Balcony grills

The installation process of balcony grill is same as that of window safety grill.

Let’s say you have a balcony of 4’x6’ (length x breadth) and a box grill is to be installed.

• Usually firstly, the size and other measurements required to install grill for balcony is taken.
• As like window safety grill installation process, home owners select the design and style for their home.
• Followed by which quotation is sent to home owner for approval.
• Once the quotation is approved, the grill fabricator then calls for raw material. The quantity of raw material is calculated as per the window size and quantity of grills i.e. for number of windows to be covered.
• Once the raw material comes in, the metal is cut and welded into ordered design and size.
• Once the grill is ready, it is treated with anti-rust solution to protect from rusting.
• The grills are then painted with black or desired Asian oil paint.
• The window grills are then sent on site for Installation.

Grills need to be bigger than balcony

The size of the grill is not same as the measurement taken. The grill needs to be bigger than the balcony or window for it to be installed. The safety grill is made a feet bigger than actual balcony size. This is because while installing the grill 6” as kept for fixing or drilling purpose from all 4 sides. The extra part serves as support to the grill which is drilled to the wall of balcony.

If this extra 6” are not kept and grill is made of same size as balcony, then it will not find good support while fixing it. And this may result for it to fall in near future and also make it easier for thieves and intruders to easily break open.

For bigger windows and balconies, the grills are made 1’ to 1.6’ bigger than actual window or balcony form each side.