Installation Process of Balcony Grill

Grills act as guardians to your homes. Be it buying a new property or renting it, safety grills is one feature every home owner look for. Surely one would, because property is the largest investment one, is making. We all would want our investment to be safe and secured. And so, if not installed, today

Corian Countertops vs Granite Countertop for Kitchen Platform

There are 2 different groups of professionals within Home Renovation industry, one group that thinks granite is best material for Kitchen platform Countertops & another that thinks Granite is good but Corian Kitchen Countertops are better. One thing we agree more then anything is that in market there were many solid surface fabricators who did

Save Small Solid Surfaces sample left by Fabricator after Installation?

Kitchen Cutting board made using leftover solid surface Material Lets say you got new Corian countertop for your kitchen platform. Now a small piece of material is left, say about feet by 2 feet or something like that. If you don't need it, fabricator will take away with himself. Usually a good fabricator, if

Aluminium Furniture Jalandhar Punjab

Recently we came across a Aluminum Fabricator business from Jalandhar, Punjab. Ashok Kumar, who is owner of the business explained us that lately many Home Owners have started choosing furniture made in Aluminum. Benefits of making furniture in Aluminum over wood: Lighter then wood furniture Highly Economic Long lasting sleek designs These items are made

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