Kitchen Cutting board made using leftover solid surface Material

Lets say you got new Corian countertop for your kitchen platform. Now a small piece of material is left, say about feet by 2 feet or something like that. If you don’t need it, fabricator will take away with himself. Usually a good fabricator, if you have paid for whole sheet, will come up with ideas to use that left over piece. Left over piece can be used to make cutting board for your kitchen or something like that. There are people who make grills (decorative cut-out grill for doors or windows). We know a fabricator who would make watches & name plates using leftover solid surface. You have already paid for material, only cutting cost is to be incurred.

However even after all those ideas, if you are left with some material, it is good idea to pack it & store it somewhere. Just in-case you need it in future.

After few years if something went wrong & your surface got damage or got a crack, this left over piece can be used for fixing Solid Surface Crack.

Discontinued Solid Surface colour

Sometimes colours get discontinued. Either because of lack of demand or if it was some really unique limited colour. If Solid Surface colour which you had used got discontinued this left over piece can become useful. Else in such cases you have to use colour which is closeby but not same.