Corian – an acrylic a Solid surface fits in modern home kitchens and baths very beautifully, that also helps in attaining a signature look. Corian stone is high performance and provides exceptional aesthetics.

Corian-solid surface is not limited to only home kitchen but also is popularly used in bathrooms, offices, hotels, hospitals and other public places.

Corian now is available in wide range of cutting-edge patterns, colors and style.

Corian/ Solid stone in Trend


White color solid surfaces or Corian is most preferred by modern home owners. One of the reasons why most home owners prefer White Corian solid surface is that is goes very well with any interior color and style. Also White counter top looks very rich,fresh and new is maintained with regular cleaning.

Other shade or colors and less favored as it doesn’t go well with all interior style and wall and furniture shades too. Also after a period of time, it can get boring to see one shade all while.

White solid surface is so popular that out of 100%, 95% of times white solid surface is preferred. Infact there are dealers only dealing with only White solid surface.


But as an expert I will suggest home owners to try new shades for their modern home interiors. Home owners today can get solid surfaces in shades and colors as per their choice and interiors.