Solid Surface sinks look beautiful, you can get any custom design in it & whole thing can be made seamless (no joints visible).

We suggest not to use Corian sinks inside Kitchen. If your maid is not very happy with you, she might throw vessels in sink carelessly & damage sink. Small damage will give rise to leakage problem. Stainless steel Kitchen sink are most appropriate.

Sinks & Mirror made of Acrylic Solid Surface

But hand washing sinks are perfect. Although we suggest to avoid Solid Surface sink inside Kitchen, but still there are people who want it.

We have made bath tubs out of solid surface. We have not faced a problem. In look and feel it might be marvelous.

Basins made in Solid surface look very elegant. We also make shower base from Acrylic Solid Surface. They are lot in demand.

Solid Surface does not have issue of getting stains, people use it for making basins, solid surface tabletops, shower base & many places for cladding wall. It looks beautiful & stays like that for long time. No joints makes sure no dirt/germs get collected in joints which is common with other alternatives.