We usually suggest Home owners not to compare material on basis of prices. If you cover your furniture with Laminate, it is goign to cost very low, but once laminate gets scratches, they are going to stay.

If you want to use stones for some application, high quality, good decorative Italian marble, is going to cost as much as Rs 1500 or more.

Solid Surface or Corian costs Rs 700 to Rs 1300 per sq. ft., sometimes Rs 1400 per sq ft.

Most important thing to know, above prices are for material & installation included.

Why is Cost of Corian in such a wide Range ?

There are 4 common price ranges – there are plain colors, most common are white coloured solid surface & cream solid surface. Special plain colours red, yellow, orange. Solid Surface with small specs (grains ) in it and Solid surface with bigger grains.

Then there are few colours which fall in special range, that is price range of Rs 1300.

All these prices are with installation cost.

Above prices which we spoke about are of material made with high quality standards. Example of companies are Corian, Tristone, LG hi-mac, Samsung.

There is material available in market which is almost half price of above. Some Imported material from China & solid surface Made in India are always cheaper.

Even though these non-standard material is low cost, you will never find them getting used in projects. Reason is experienced Architects and Designers who have tried low cost Solid surface material have already burnt their fingers. These low cost material do not last longer, good chances of getting stains.

Low quality alternative is usually Rs 50 – Rs 100 cheaper then good material. So a Home Owner will never take such chance. A Good Contractor or Designer who wants to take responsibility of his work, will never use low cost Indian & chinese alternative.

For example if a certain colour of a Good Quality Tristone Surface is priced Rs 450 – Rs 500 per sq. ft. , Chinese alternative will cost Rs 400. If you are making your own home, its not worth saving that money & getting material which may not last its glory in long run.

If you want to save money anyways then go for low cost Decorative laminate in your house. But dont try to buy poor quality Solid surface corian & save 20-30% money.