Solid Surface are either made of Acrylic material- Corian, Wilsonart and Avonite or, Polyester material or a combination of both. Any Solid surfaces can easily be maintained with basic care and cleaning.

Steps to Solid surface Care and Maintenance

• Home owners can easily clean Solid surface counter-tops with a wet cloth.
• For minor stains, home owners can clean solid surface counter-tops with soapy water and a sponge.
• For stubborn stains, use a scotch brite pad and a soft scrub. Apply soft scrub over the counter top, especially stains and scrub the scotch brite in circular motion.


Over a period of time, Solid surface may appear to be dull. In such cases, home owners can get solid surfaces buffed. Buffing is a process like polishing where paper is grind-ed to retain the smoothness and luster of solid surfaces. Buffing solid surface isn’t time consuming process like polishing marble. Buffing is done with help of buffing wheels and buffing compound.


Other Care to be taken

• Solid surfaces resist heat better than many other surfaces. Nevertheless, I suggest home owners to avoid using or placing hot pans, electrical or heat generating appliances, etc. to place directly on solid surface. To prevent any heat damage while cooking, use a trivet with rubber feet on solid surface counter top and then place hot vessel on it.
Avoid using strong chemicals like paint removers, oven cleaners, etc. on solid surfaces. In case of contact, immediately pour water over it and wipe it.
Avoid using sharp blades and knives i.e. avoid direct cutting on solid surfaces as it will tend to scratch.

For major and permanent damages, Home owners shall contact professionals for repairs and maintenance.