Safety Window Grills for Heavy Rainfall Areas

Metals have a tendency to have chemical reactions with air and water when exposed to harsh environmental conditions, causing them to rust or corrode. Like, if iron is exposed to harsh atmosphere for an extended period. Also the iron and few other metals will start rusting due to oxygen interaction with water on the iron's

Mosaic Tile Net – Product Review

Mosaic tile is a square piece of tile with an assembly of different coloured stones, glass, or a combination of it. These mosaic tiles are used in interiors as a highlighter. Mosaic tiles are used as border to the bed, a patch on the door or wall, highlight furniture units like T.V unit, or to

Where to use Wall Decal in your Home

You can use wall decals in every possible location/ rooms of a house or offices. More commonly, wall decals get used for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and children room. Wall decals are also used for plain cupboards and false ceiling. The advantage of decals again is that it can be used on multiple surfaces.

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