What are Wall decals

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Primarily known as wall sticker or a wall tattoo, wall decal is a vinyl sticker that is glued to the wall or any other smooth surface for decoration purpose. Wall decals are cut by vinyl cutting machines which give decal sharp, finished curves. Usually you’ll find one colour per decal but it may have Wall

Where to use Wall Decal in your Home

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You can use wall decals in every possible location/ rooms of a house or offices. More commonly, wall decals get used for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and children room. Wall decals are also used for plain cupboards and false ceiling. The advantage of decals again is that it can be used on multiple surfaces.

What is the difference between Wall Sticker and Wall Decal

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Recently a Home Owner from Mumbai got a new house and wanted to decor room with different themes. She spoke about her confusion regarding use of wall sticker compare to wall Decal to decorate the walls. Here's brief of what my Interior Designer suggested. Wall stickers are basically made of plastic like material which are