Tile and Stone Care

One of the major investment (perhaps)that you as a homeowner will make in your house is for the Tile, Stone and Grout. Having rich and good quality tiles, stone and grouts not only enhances the interior of your home but also implies your style of living. Today in this busy life the last thing a

Tile and Stone Installation

Cracks in tiles !!! Grout problems !!! Waterproofing glitches !!! Tile Cleaning concerns !!! Home owners now can have one solution to all these problems. MYK Laticrete is the leader in Tile & Stone Installation that offer most advanced products in respective industry today. MYK Laticrete delivers innovative solutions that has set new standards in

Solutions to Bathroom Waterproofing

Waterproofing is usually done in two ways- (1) polymer waterproof coating method or (ii) brickbat coba application. But before you get water proofing done, firstly check the ceiling of bathroom for no plumbing issues. Next check if waterproofing is done in sunken portion of bathroom. Sunken area is portion where commode is placed in joint

How does Waterproofing Contractor Solve Terrace Cracks

If you happen to face water leakage problem, one would typically call a waterproofing contractor. There are two ways of doing waterproofing on existing terrace. (i) Crack filling method or (ii) Application of 2 coat screet based polymer method. Usually a waterproofing contractor will ask for your preference of method for waterproofing. He later will

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