Cost of Plywood in India

Plywood is typically categorized as commercial plywood and waterproof or Marine plywood.Plywood further vary in thickness and sizes too. Plywood vary from 4mm to 19 mm thickness. Waterproof plywood or Marine plywood (BWP and BWR) is available in varied thickness i.e. 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm and more. Commercial plywood varies from 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 15mm,

Different types of Plywood available in Indian market

Plywood is made from different species of wood and therefore come in different qualities. Also plywood sometime of same species and number of ply differ from manufacturer to manufacturer because of change in method of manufacturing. Plywood can be classified on basis of different features. • Classification of Plywood on basis of type of wood

Different Finishes and Products of FRP Doors

Permafinish Doors are available in two different finishes i.e. Gelcoat and Veneer finish. Gelcoat Finish – Gelcoat finish gives a permanent finish in single color. The finish is imparted using specially formulated resins and UV stabilized pigments. Veneer Finish – Veneer finish is achieved using printed FRP tissue that looks exactly like royal polished veneer

Permafinish Doors – Create an Impressive Entrance

Doors are not only important for securing an entrance, but also play vital role aesthetically, mainly to ensure that your homes look great. Choosing right style of doors can change the appearance of your home dramatically. Permafinish doors is one of them. They create style and add drama to you home interiors as well as

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