What has changed in Plywood industry over last 25 years?

Over a period of last 25-30 years, plywood industry has observed major changes in India. India observed tremendous population growth that resulted in increase in demand for basic material, one of them is plywood. Over a period of these years, India observed gradual technology advancement too.All of above factors resulted in deforestation which in turn

How are home owners cheated when buying Plywood?

Formerly plywood was a priced commodity and there were very few high quality brands available on the market. There were no compromises made on the material or in the manufacturing process. However, today with the increasing demand, there has been a proliferation of substandard plywood suppliers entering the market. Therefore, we suggest all

Types of Trees

There are various types of veneer species available in India. The type of species vary mainly with geographical location and therefore weather conditions too. Different types of tree species across India Like in Kerela, one will find abundant growth of Rubber trees. Therefore you have ample of veneers made of rubber manufactured in Kerala. Other

Different types of Plywood available in Indian market

Plywood is made from different species of wood and therefore come in different qualities. Also plywood sometime of same species and number of ply differ from manufacturer to manufacturer because of change in method of manufacturing. Plywood can be classified on basis of different features. • Classification of Plywood on basis of type of wood

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