Over a period of last 25-30 years, plywood industry has observed major changes in India. India observed tremendous population growth that resulted in increase in demand for basic material, one of them is plywood. Over a period of these years, India observed gradual technology advancement too.All of above factors resulted in deforestation which in turn affect plywood industry.

Naturally seasoned logs
Previously, the logs of wood were obtained from selected good quality tree species only. These logs from which veneer were obtained were already naturally seasoned logs. Here by naturally seasoned I mean that it had withstood different weather conditions like rain, sun, wind, etc. Veneers obtained from these logs made best quality veneers which made high grade, quality plywood’s too. These tree species included Gurjan, Hollong, Birch and Corn. You therefore had the best quality veneers and plywood made during those times.

Why they didn’t make original good quality Plywood anymore
Formerly there were only few plywood manufacturing units in India i.e. in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Andaman Nicobar Island. They delivered the best quality plywood during that time, due to the tree species that grew in that area.There were few small manufacturing units too, but the quality of plywood manufactured wasn’t upto the mark as compared to those came from Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Andaman Nicobar Island.

As I said earlier, with increase in population the demand for plywood too increased and therefore many forests were cut. And so Supreme Court passed a law against tree cutting. Consequently many manufacturing units were shut. To meet the demand of increasing population, many plywood manufacturing units came up in other states of India. Due to the law passed in 1996, plywood was then manufactured with veneer species that were easily available, rather than quality veneer species. Competition was another reason that gave rise to making plywood for cheap, without worrying for its quality.You therefore find plywood made in different veneer quality by various brands today. You have many local brands too that sell plywood for very cheap but lack in quality and durability.

Imported Plywood
To meet the demands of increasing population, India had to import Plywood from other countries too.Like,

Timber logs were imported from Africa, Brazil and Chile.

TO make Standard plywood logs of wood were imported from Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma and few other countries too.

Plywood was imported from China too, but soon was clogged as it failed to meet the standards that India expected.

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