Why are branded plywood are expensive?

Let’s say you are planning to buy plywood for furniture purpose in your home. Let’s assume that you admire a company which is top plywood brand in India. But as we all know branded plywood’s are an expensive affair. Sure it is. But with branded plywood home owners can rest assured for quality also there

Alternatives to Plywood

Plywood is the most preferred choice of material by every home owner when it comes to making furniture for their home interiors. Plywood is a standard that is easily available at any local shop. Nonetheless, there are a few alternatives to plywood manufactured since 1996. This was especially after the law passed by Government against

What is MR grade Plywood?

Waterproof plywood in simple terms is that plywood that stays unaffected due to water contact. No matter what the duration of water contact be or temperature of water be. There are different grades of waterproof plywood available in market like BWP (boiling waterproof) and PF (phenol bonded) plywood. Usually home owners will often get to

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