Let’s say you are planning to buy plywood for furniture purpose in your home. Let’s assume that you admire a company which is top plywood brand in India. But as we all know branded plywood’s are an expensive affair. Sure it is.

But with branded plywood home owners can rest assured for quality also there is consistency in quality they deliver. Infact if home owners who are really looking for good quality, durable, minimum maintenance and cost justified plywood, then plywood of a reputed brand is the right choice to make. Many home owners wonder for why are branded plywood so expensive. Here’s an answer to them…

When you are buying branded plywood, you are not just paying for the material i.e. plywood but also for all the unnecessary overheads it carries like marketing that includes advertisements, endorsement celebrity, etc. For example, Let’s say you pay Rs.100 for a plywood. In reality its actual cost would be Rs.40. Rs.30 is for some celebrity who is the brand ambassador, Rs.30 for all stock management, overheads and other bells and whistles

Steve Jobs said, “Lowest cost for the best quality can only be achieved by giving away all the frill that came with traditional business.”

Aloha Plywood
Well, to solve this problem, we at ContractorBhai have come up with our very own plywood called “ALOHA PLY”.

Let me assure you that when you buy Aloha Ply, you are just paying for good quality plywood. There are no bells and whistles involved, no kickbacks to your carpenter, etc. It only and only good quality plywood.

Our Aim
We want to be a company that will grow steadily and be actively be present in industry. We want to be good merchants and offer value for money to our customers

Traditional business say, “We are selling a given product for Rs.100. How can we sell the same for more?” While we at Contractorbhai say, “We are selling a product for Rs.90, How can we bring it down to Rs.80.”

Hundred oh home owners by no have bought plywood from us, not because we are fancy popular brand but because we offer great value for money product.

In short you can put it as,

ALOHA PLYWOOD = Good Quality + Low Price + Peace of Mind.

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