How are home owners cheated when buying Plywood?

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Formerly plywood was available in very few brands that was available in good quality. There were no compromise made of material. Today with increasing population and demand too, there are various grades of plywood made by a variety of brands. Also there have many local brands that have come into market. We therefore suggest all

What makes Plywood strong?

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Plywood is an engineered wood made by gluing several veneer sheets in set pattern to achieve uniform strength in different directions. Veneers are typically strong in direction of wood grains.Therefore veneers used to make plywood are assembled in different directions where the wood grains of each veneer sheet is placed in different direction to one

Types of Trees

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There are various types of veneer species available in India. The type of species vary mainly with geographical location and therefore weather conditions too. Different types of tree species across India Like in Kerela, one will find abundant growth of Rubber trees. Therefore you have ample of veneers made of rubber manufactured in Kerala. Other

Pre-Fabricated Rubber Surface for Sports

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The prefabricated rubber surface is usually used for athletic tracks or running tracks.These pre-fabricated rubber surfaces are globally known. They have come as a replacement to the traditional PU tracks. Features The one-time embossing and workmanship gives the product • very good quality • strong resistance to water, • anti-slippery, • shock-absorbent, • excellent elasticity,

Rubber Flooring

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Rubber flooring poses excellent features that not only enhance the look and feel of your floor but also life too. Rubber flooring is a perfect choice of flooring for indoor as well as outdoor flooring applications. Permanent resiliency and flexibility are the main features Rubber flooring. Rubber flooring makes a difference on floors that undergo