Fabulous Small bathroom Ideas for Indian Bathrooms

Small Bathrooms is something very commonly found in modern homes. Well the bathroom may feel confined if not planned very well. Designing and planning such small room may seem off-putting. Well here are some easy and quick ideas to overcome those off-putting moments. How do you go about designing for small Bathrooms? Designer

1 कमरा-रसोईघर (1 Room Kitchen) से 1 बेडरूम-रसोईघर ( 1 BHK )

अगर आपके घर में अलग से लिविंग रूम, बैडरूम और रसोईघर है तो आपका एक बेडरूम हॉल किचन या 1 बीएचके घर है। आपको मुंबई जैसे शहरो में खास करके पुराणी बिल्डिंगों में एक रूम-किचन वाले घर या एक हॉल-किचन मिलेंगे। 1 बैडरूम-हॉल-किचन और 1 हॉल-किचन मैन क्या अंतर है ? 1 हॉल-किचन वाले घर

1 રૂમ, રસોડું થી 1 બેડરૂમ, રસોડું

જો તમારા ઘરમાં અલગથી લિવિંગ રૂમ, બેડરૂમ, અને રસોડું છે તો તમારું એક બેડરૂમ, હોલ, કિચન એટલે 1 બીએચકે છે. તમને મુંબઈ જેવા શહેરમાં ખાસ કરીને જુના બિલ્ડિંગોમાં એક રૂમ, કિચન ઘર અથવા એક હોલ કિચન મળશે। 1 બેડરૂમ-હોલ-કિચન અને 1 હોલ-કિચન માં શુ અંતર છે ? 1 હોલ-કિચન વાળા ઘરમાં એક સારીવાત એ છેકે

Different Finishes and Products of FRP Doors

Permafinish Doors are available in two different finishes i.e. Gelcoat and Veneer finish. Gelcoat Finish – Gelcoat finish gives a permanent finish in single color. The finish is imparted using specially formulated resins and UV stabilized pigments. Veneer Finish – Veneer finish is achieved using printed FRP tissue that looks exactly like royal polished veneer

Tile and Stone Installation – Waterproofing

Waterproofing is done to prevent water entering from various areas of building, however allowing the vapor to travel through. If at all water enters into the building structural elements, it may cause immediate or long term damage which in-turn affects the structure too. In construction, waterproofing is vital feature for creating a building envelope that

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