1 कमरा-रसोईघर (1 Room Kitchen) से 1 बेडरूम-रसोईघर ( 1 BHK )

अगर आपके घर में अलग से लिविंग रूम, बैडरूम और रसोईघर है तो आपका एक बेडरूम हॉल किचन या 1 बीएचके घर है। आपको मुंबई जैसे शहरो में खास करके पुराणी बिल्डिंगों में एक रूम-किचन वाले घर या एक हॉल-किचन मिलेंगे। 1 बैडरूम-हॉल-किचन और 1 हॉल-किचन मैन क्या अंतर है ? 1 हॉल-किचन वाले घर

1 રૂમ, રસોડું થી 1 બેડરૂમ, રસોડું

જો તમારા ઘરમાં અલગથી લિવિંગ રૂમ, બેડરૂમ, અને રસોડું છે તો તમારું એક બેડરૂમ, હોલ, કિચન એટલે 1 બીએચકે છે. તમને મુંબઈ જેવા શહેરમાં ખાસ કરીને જુના બિલ્ડિંગોમાં એક રૂમ, કિચન ઘર અથવા એક હોલ કિચન મળશે। 1 બેડરૂમ-હોલ-કિચન અને 1 હોલ-કિચન માં શુ અંતર છે ? 1 હોલ-કિચન વાળા ઘરમાં એક સારીવાત એ છેકે

Renovation of 1BHK flat

Planning to renovate your 1 Bedroom Hall Kitchen - First thing you should do is get the clear layout of your flat from Interior Designer or Contractor. This includes: (1)Living room: How is the sitting arrangement, position of T.V, position of door opening where shoe rack can be adjusted. (2)Bedroom: Position of bed, wardrobe &

Interior Design for 1 BHK flat

Interior Designing involves different part and areas of Home. For example flooring, Wall Tiles, Fixtures, Painting, Doors, Windows, Ceiling. Irrespective of whether it is 1 BHK (one Bedroom Hall Kitchen) or 2 BHK (two Bedroom Hall Kitchen ) list of items remain same. Lot of Home Owners are not able to decide whether to hire

1 Bedroom Kitchen from 1 Room Kitchen

When you have a home with separate living room, bedroom and a kitchen – you have 1 BHK or one Bedroom Hall Kitchen. You will find many homes specially old buildings in Mumbai with plan of 1 Room Kitchen ( sometimes also referred as 1 hall Kitchen) i.e a kitchen , Hall and no other

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