Planning to renovate your 1 Bedroom Hall Kitchen – First thing you should do is get the clear layout of your flat from Interior Designer or Contractor. This includes:

(1)Living room: How is the sitting arrangement, position of T.V, position of door opening where shoe rack can be adjusted.

(2)Bedroom: Position of bed, wardrobe & dressing table.

(3)Kitchen: Many people prefer the direction of platform according to vastu. A place for Mandir (small size), refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

Then the layout is finalized. Any changes which are to be done should be finalised before the work starts. Once the work starts & then you want to make changes it becomes very difficult to do.

Steps of Renovation:

Step 1 – Civil work

First the work starts with Civil. If there are any changes in tiles,flooring or changing of platform it is finalised & done accordingly. If a client wants to take balcony (or flower bed) inside first the wall has to be
demolished & position of new wall is moved out (balcony is taken inside). Any changes in toilet is done like changing Indian toilet into western.

Living room:- The windows which are given by builder can be changed & new french window can be put. An extension is given with the help of marble where you can store things in it & it also becomes sitting place for 3-4 people.

Step 2 – Electric Work

Layout for this should also be clear for proper execution. Fancy & Good quality of switches are available in market.

Step 3 – False Ceiling

Then starts POP and paint work. Ceiling & wall punning is done by doing punning the glowness of paint increases as it gets smooth surface. Then different types of lights are given. This again depends
upon client – which type of light they want, direct or indirect light. In light- LED,PL,colouring tube lights are available in market.Selection of lights should be done very properly as it changes your mood & look of your

In 1bhk an extra bedroom can be made mainly by below 2 options:

Option 1)

Balcony is converted into a small childrens bedroom.

Option 2)

Partion can be given to the living room. At day time you can use it as living room & at night you put the partion & a small bedroom can be made.

Design depends on existing planning & requirment of the client.