When you have a home with separate living room, bedroom and a kitchen – you have 1 BHK or one Bedroom Hall Kitchen. You will find many homes specially old buildings in Mumbai with plan of 1 Room Kitchen ( sometimes also referred as 1 hall Kitchen) i.e a kitchen , Hall and no other room.

What is the difference between one bedroom hall kitchen and one Hall kitchen?

One good part is such plans come with bigger rooms. I know places where 1 Hall kitchen looks more spacious then 1 BHK. Anyways..So lets say you want to convert 1 Hall kitchen to 1 BHK.

How will you make 1 Room kitchen into a 1 bedroom hall kitchen?

Adjustment. Yes ! We have to adjust the kitchen somewhere and not use dedicated bigger room/space for kitchen.  Most likely you will move your kitchen in to Balcony, will involve major making new cost of Kitchen Paltform needs to. The other common solution is combine Bathroom and Toilet, major cost involved is Cost of bathroom Plumbing. Use newly created space for kitchen.

Shift WC into Bathroom or shift bathroom in to WC?

Standard Bathroom Dimensions

Standard Bathroom Dimensions

No! We shift  WC in to bathroom. Generally bathroom size is 7ft by 4ft . In this space you need shower area 4ft by 4ft. The remaining space 4ft by 3ft can be used for WC or English Toilet seat. It doesn’t really matter. If you really really want to, put a plastic curtain which separates Commode area and shower area. But it really doesn’t matter to me.

Now the space of the toilet can be used as pantry or kitchen. If making these floor layout changes involves constructing new wall then major cost involved will be Cost of new wall. If kitchen, then in that case then you will have space only for cooking. Dinning moves to Hall. Amenities like Refrigerator and others need to be placed somewhere in home.