Waterproofing is done to prevent water entering from various areas of building, however allowing the vapor to travel through. If at all water enters into the building structural elements, it may cause immediate or long term damage which in-turn affects the structure too.

In construction, waterproofing is vital feature for creating a building envelope that creates a controlled environment. The roof covering materials, siding, foundations, and all of the various penetrations through these surfaces need to be water-resistant and sometimes waterproof. Roofing materials are generally designed to be water-resistant and shed water from a sloping roof, but in some conditions, such as ice damming and on flat roofs, the roofing must be waterproof.

Areas of Work :

Internal Area

Bathrooms, Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Shower Area, Laundry Room, Sauna and Steam Rooms.

External Area

Terrace, Roofs, Slabs, Balconies, Swimming Pools,Retaining Walls, etc.

Advantages of Waterproofing

• Protects the foundation of the building and prevents corrosion of steel in RCC
• Prevents cracking of cover concrete due to volume increase in reinforcing steel
• Prevents molds and fungus
• It keeps a building dry and reduces internal humidity
• Protects walls from seepage and blistering of paints
• Forms an electrical barrier for lighting and power points
• Protects against swelling of dry wall boards that result in de-bonding of ceramic or vitrified tiles

MYK LATICRETE offers two types f waterproofing materials- LATICRETE Hydro Ban and LATICRETE Waterproofing Membrane.

LATICRETE® Hydro Ban® is a thin, load bearing waterproofing/ crack isolation membrane that does not require the use of fabric in the field, coves or corners. It is a single component self curing liquid rubber polymer that forms a flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane. LATICRETE® Hydro Ban® bonds directly to a wide variety of substrates.

LATICRETE® 9237 Waterproofing Membrane
It is a roller applied, liquid waterproofing membrane for direct use under thin and thick-bed installations of ceramic tile, stone and other finishes. It is recommended for residential and commercial floor and wall installations.