Common Reason for External Wall Crack in Mumbai buildings

When you see a crack in external wall, any home owner usually tends to think that the material used for constructing the building was of poor quality. This need not necessarily be the reason for crack development in external walls. In our previous article we have seen that crack in external wall due to accumulation

Waterproofing Water Storage Tank of Building

The only reason why building or any society water tank needs waterproofing is water leakage concern. Water tank is a concrete structure constructed above the beam, layered with bricks. This is the joint of water tank to the building where waterproofing generally needs to be done. Cracks in water tank too start developing from this

Steps to Waterproofing Cracks in Water Storage Tank

To waterproof water storage tank, the first and most important step is to empty water from the storage tank. Secondly the tank needs to be completely dry internally for waterproofing procedure to be carried out. Incase of polymer treatment, the tank need not really have to be completely dry. Drying water storage Tank As we

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