Mosaic tile is a square piece of tile with an assembly of different coloured stones, glass, or a combination of it. These mosaic tiles are used in interiors as a highlighter. Mosaic tiles are used as border to the bed, a patch on the door or wall, highlight furniture units like T.V unit, or to highlight a wall.

It can be cut using cutter & then applied to wall or wooden surface.

It can be used in Bathroom, kitchen, furniture. On wall grout ( cement based) is used for application. On wooden surface fevicol can be used for application.


Mosaic tile is a combination of small square pieces of glass and metal. These pieces are kind of hung to the net which is the back side of the tile. So depending on home-owners requirement of size and design, these square pieces can be removed and replaced.

There are a variety of mosaic tiles available in market these days viz. a combination of Korean with glass mosaic tile, Metal with stone mosaic tile, Crystal glass Mosaic tile, different coloured or same colour glasses mosaic tile, wooden mosaic tile, etc.


The wall where mosaic tiles needs to be installed must be clean, smooth and free from dirt. A ground bar is applied to the POP wall. Ground bar is cement based white in colour sheet. Mosaic tile is then installed to these ground bars and your wall is ready.


Mosaic tiles can cost as cheap as Rs 40 per square feet to Rs 500 per Square feet depending on its size, material used and quality. Depending upon design the cost varies.