Drywall – Interior Partition and Its Benefits

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What is Drywall? Drywall, also known as plasterboard or gypsum board is a panel made of gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper. Drywalls are usually used to make interior walls and partitions. Drywalls have replaced lath and plaster today because of it is quick to work with. There are different types of

Wooden Ceiling or Rafters

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Gone are the days where ceiling was only painted, and that too only white. This definitely is a cheaper affair. But in this modern world where home owners are a lot fashion cautious not only for their style but their home interior style too, do not want their ceilings go unnoticed. The trend for ceiling

False Ceiling – Maintaining and Durability

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One of the major worry for a homemaker is durability and maintenance or cleaning, be it simple furniture or frame or ceiling. Well once installed, False ceiling will stay for years to come. Let’s say home owners need not have to worry about changing or redoing the False Ceiling for minimum of 15-20 years. In

Types of Plasterboards for False Ceilings

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There are different types of plasterboard used for different purposes. Gyproc plasterboards is one of the best company producing types of plasterboards. Gyproc company is a part of Saint-Gobain Group, the world's leading manufacturer of ceilings, drywalls and gypsum plasters. The company is a pioneer in introducing lightweight interior construction practices in the Indian market,

POP False Ceiling or Gypsum False Ceiling

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False ceiling are secondary ceiling that are suspended from main ceiling. These False ceiling or secondary ceilings are either made of POP (Plaster of Paris) or Gypsum plasterboard. But today one will find Gypsum Plasterboard false ceiling being used majorly especially in main cities like Mumbai, Pune, and others. POP false ceiling is used very