One of the major worry for a homemaker is durability and maintenance or cleaning, be it simple furniture or frame or ceiling.

Well once installed, False ceiling will stay for years to come. Let’s say home owners need not have to worry about changing or redoing the False Ceiling for minimum of 15-20 years. In case of any external damage, home owners shall be responsible for it.

Advantage of having Gypsum False Ceiling

But with Gypsum plasterboard false ceiling, it can easily be repaired because these are sheets of not very big size. Therefore a particular sheet that has been damaged can be opened, fixed and installed again. This can be done without disturbing or breaking the entire false ceiling. The repair cost here will be minimal say Rs. 1000 or so.

False Ceiling Maintenance

Well to all those homeowners and makers who are extra careful about cleanliness, false ceiling is a way to go.

I mean, maintaining the beauty and delicacy of false ceiling is a hassle free job. Gypsum board false ceiling can easily be maintained like any other plastered surface. No special maintenance is required. For any dust accumulation it can be cleaned with broom or a smooth rug, just like other interiors of your house.

While cleaning the False Ceiling Home owner needs to take care for no water contact. Gypsum plasterboard and water don’t go hand in hand. Water will damage the ceiling finish and durability too. False ceiling are always completed and finished with a coat of final paint.For ceilings with luster paint or Oil based paint can be cleaned with damp cloth.

A tip

To make your home more elegant and contemporary, you can have wallpaper used for your false ceiling. There are various designs and styles available in wallpaper. Home owner can choose from variety of these to best suit their interior style.