Gone are the days where ceiling was only painted, and that too only white. This definitely is a cheaper affair. But in this modern world where home owners are a lot fashion cautious not only for their style but their home interior style too, do not want their ceilings go unnoticed.

The trend for ceiling have often changed from painting accents to ceiling moldings to false ceilings. But what has remained is False ceiling, the only change we see is in its design and style.There are 3 styles of false ceiling designs-

1) The standard Rectangular false ceiling
2) Curve False Ceiling
3) Rafters False Ceiling (Wooden False Ceiling)

But out of all, Rafters or Wooden false ceiling are the latest love for Interior Designers and Architects. Rafters are wooden False ceiling, which is a wooden texture is given to Gypsum plasterboard. The wooden texture is always given by the painter.

Rafters or Wooden false ceiling are rarely used for apartments, but are more seen or in Jewellery shops. Wooden ceiling are preferred for Jewellery shop owners as they are safe. No one can easily break open and enter the shop.

One of A project by ContractorBhai

One of our client wanted to have wooden False Ceiling in their living room. These are called rafters. We suggested them to have Gypsum plasterboard used for false ceiling that could be given a wood texture. Original wood isn’t used.

Here the Rafters made of Gypsum plasterboard was completed in just Rs.5,000 to Rs.6,000. Incase original wood was used, the client would have ended up paying Rs.40,000 to Rs. 45,000. Rafters made with gypsum plasterboard give the same finish, look and feel as the original wood. One will not be able to say if it is original wood or the texture given.

After convincing the client for Gypsum plasterboard rafters, and completing the work, he was glad to have saved on huge amount yet get that same feel. And we received various projects from him later on.