Are Italian Furniture durable for Indian Conditions?

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TWe spoke to Sadhana Vipat, owner of an Import-Export Company based in Italy. Her company deals in "Made In Italy" Furniture. She can be reached at Question – Can Italian furniture prove to be durable for Indian weather conditions? Ms. Sadhana – Oh yes. Italian furniture, as name suggests I made in Italy, Europe.

Why Choose Veneer over MDF

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Let’s understand the terms firstly, MDF is a Medium Density Fiberboard manufactured using a mixture of wood solids, wax and resins. This mixture that are bonded together on high temperature and pressure to build uniform wood product. MDF is far cheaper product in wood industry. In simple terms, MDF is a sawdust bonded together with

Basic know-how on Lamination-Wood Finish

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Lamination finish - the third most commonly preferred finish is also technically called as PolyResin Polish. Lamination finish delivers glossy finish. Well you could say very high glossy finish. But, its expensive of all. Reason being the chemicals used and the number of steps to polishing repeated. For lamination or polyresin finish, the entire surface

Know Everything about Melamine Polish

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The most standard and preferred is Melamine matt polish. Melamine polish is not used internationally but only in India. Melamine is an organic compound that is often combined with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin, a synthetic polymer that is fire resistant and heat tolerant. The resin is a versatile material that has a highly stable

Style your Home interiors with Wallpaper- Highlighter

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Wallpapers is one of the easiest and most inexpensive option used to cover and decorate the interior walls of homes and commercial structures too. Wallpapering is one aspect of interior decoration.. Wallpaper is used not only to add color, but is also used to add art and design to rooms. With a variety of colors,