The most standard and preferred is Melamine matt polish. Melamine polish is not used internationally but only in India. Melamine is an organic compound that is often combined with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin, a synthetic polymer that is fire resistant and heat tolerant. The resin is a versatile material that has a highly stable structure.

Melamine polish consist thin resin that forms a thin film like coating when applied on wood surface. Melamine polish is a closed pore polish i.e. it makes the wood non-breathable product that protects wood from mainly hot and cold surfaces placed over it.

Melamine polish dries off within 20 mins. after its application that offers more of glossy appearance then matt finish on coated wood panel or surface. Therefore the polish mixture needs to be used within 8 hours of time.

Benefits of using Melamine Polish

• Durability – lasts for much longer than standard French polish.
• Glass retention–Offers good glass retention tha keeps your furniture looking shiny for years to come.
• Resistance – Resistant to scratch, stain and heat.
• Protect – protects the furniture internally too from daily wear –n-tear.

Comparison with other polishes

As I said earlier, Melamine polish is the most cheaply available polish as compared to PU (polyurethane polish).Over 70%-80% of home owners favor Melamine matt polish especially those with have limited budget. Also Melamine is the only polish that can be applied in lesser time. Few home owners prefer having wood items with different polish i.e. few with melamine while few with PU polish.

It is easily available for 100/- to 150/- per liter. You have containers of 500ml, 1 ltr, 4 ltr and 20 ltr melamine polish sold in market. 1 ltr will roughly cover 80 sq. ft. to 100 sq. ft smooth sanded wooden surface. The coverage area may vary with its style of application and surface type. There are almost thousands of Melamine polish shades available today.

Well,As name suggests, Melamine polish gives a matt finish. Melamine is not available in gloss as glossy finish is very rarely favored finish. Also glossy surface takes away from the natural charm of decorative veneer.