Customarily there are no complains faced as far as polishing is concerned be it Melamine Polish, PU polish or Lamination / Polyester polish.

Case -1

Well you could say that probably out of 100 cases or project there are 2-3 occasions where clients complain of poor polish or sticky surface. This would happen if the proportion of chemicals and resins to prepare polish mixture has varied then required. Either the hardener proportion or resin proportion is high. This either results in hardened polish surface or sticky surface. Also one will face difficulty in applying such inconsistent mixture.

Case -2

Another very rarely made mistake is while coating polyester resin polish. For polyester resin polish i.e. lamination, several coats are applied. At times it so happens that another coat is applied without checking if the previously applied coat is completely dried or not. usually during monsoons where the drying time increases due to moisture in air. If the previous coat is not dried and second coat is applied it results to whiteness or dampness that is seen after polishing job is over. This dampness in polish will eventually damage the veneer wood too.

The sand paper too softens up easily during monsoon. So laborers need to timely change the sand paper while sanding to get a smooth , clean surface. Or else the final polish look will get affected.

Otherwise one will usually have no complains with regards to any polish – Melamine Polish, PU polish or say Lamination too. Contractor take good care while polishing process is going on for no loop holes to be seen or made.