Let’s understand the terms firstly,

MDF is a Medium Density Fiberboard manufactured using a mixture of wood solids, wax and resins. This mixture that are bonded together on high temperature and pressure to build uniform wood product. MDF is far cheaper product in wood industry. In simple terms, MDF is a sawdust bonded together with glue. The bond is not as strong as natural wood or plywood. One therefore cannot guarantee for the furniture made out of MDF wood.

Decorative Veneers are natural wood, obtained by slicing logs of wood like teak, mahogany, etc. Veneer sheets glued to wood surface, increases the beauty and charm of the furniture that no other decorative panels can. Veneer I would say is one of the 5 most important or prime feature to home interior. Infact veneer is second prime aspect when is come to interiors. Veneer sheet is a thin slice of wood generally 3mm that is glued to on plywood, particle board or MDF. Being natural wood no other manufactured wooden sheet or laminate cannot match to the beauty, richness and luster that decorative natural veneer wood can.


A furniture made out of MDF will have a life spans of say 1/4th to that of veneer wood furniture.


Well costwise too, a MDF furniture will cost around 1/4th to 1/10th as much as veneer wood furniture or veneered furniture would cost. Veneered furniture turn out to be expensive piece than MDF made furniture,But with price come quality, durability and also look and feel to your home interiors.

We therefore suggest our clients and home owners for veneer wood furniture for their beautiful homes.

[updated on 23-Feb-2023 by Nitin, founder of Contractorbhai.com]

Shutters of cabinets inside kitchen & other rooms can have laminate or veneer application. In addition to this there are few other paint option

PU Paint
Enamel – matt
Colour Lamination
Clear Lamination

Many times these surface applications are created on the surface at site. It is required that the room is dust free, else it can spoil the surface.

Veneer in Home Interior Design

PU Paint – comes in both matt & glossy finish. Water based & oil based, both available. Can be applied on doors & shutters. Protects the colour of the underlying surface. Increases strength of the surface. Veneer texture is protected. 10 – 12 years surface looks like new.

Deco – done on wood & metal. Drying time is very less. This is water resistant. Thinner based paint. Requires very less maintenance. MDF, solid wood can be applied with Deco. Deco surfaces can get scratched. 5-6 years it stays as new.

Colour Lamination – epoxy hardener & resin is used to create glassy material. Gives a glassy surface which has edges in the same material. Hence the whole shutter or drawer wood surface looks like its made up of the same seamless material. 8-10 coats are applied. Skilled person is required to create this surface. ICA company makes colour pigments. After every coat sanding is done, to create a smooth surface. Spray is done using a gun.

Clear Lamination – creates a glassy surface on top of the existing layer. This adds a glassy top but at the same time visible lower underlying surface. Mix of both worlds. Imagine you are applying a gorilla surface on a smartphone screen. Underlying surface should be smooth.