Over past 20 years, the wood industry has seen many changes as far as technology, awareness, way of working, processes, etc. is concerned.

Conventionally, only professionals i.e. architects were the ones to suggest home owners for what type of polish to be used and where. And home owners agreed to whatever was suggested. But today, with awareness and know-how, you will find home owners suggesting or rather demand professionals for what they want. Instead of relying on professional completely, home owners do their reference and research work which they share with professionals i.e. Architects or Interior Designers.

The level of awareness is so high that home owners strictly say what type of polish or finish they want in different rooms. Well here contractors need to be very careful with home owner’s needs and preferences or it could lead to differences. Like if professional uses different polish for each room then said then the entire room appearance goes for a toss. Like instead of PU polish if lamination finish if given and vice versa, it changes the look and feel or room interiors wherever used.

Another major change you may notice is with regards to laborers. Usually professionals have their own workers of hire for a given job from their side. But today you get to meet home owners who prefer having laborers they know or are aware of. They no more rely on professional completely.

How is the trust for work developed?

Home owners usually visit the previously completed site by professional or hired workers to see how appropriately and timely the work is done. Also home owners can ask for samples to check the cleanness and quality of work. These sample pieces are not done on the spot but are previously done polished wood samples. IT is highly impossible to have sample work done for each and every project and home owner. This would consume lot of time and also will be an added expense too.