Types of Lighting Fixtures

To enhance home interiors, there are different types of lights & lighting fixtures used for residential purpose. Different types of lighting fixtures that add value to your furniture’s, home are Indirect lighting or Cove lighting, Chandeliers, cabinet lights, recessed lights, mirror lights, picture lights, table light/lamp, etc. Ceiling Lights Ceiling lights are available in different

Electrical Conduit Pipes

An Electrical Conduit pipes are pipe/tube used as covering to protect the electrical wires. Electrical conduit pipes are either made of plastic (PVC) or fiber. Conduit pipes are used for few electrical appliances like Washing machine (for inlet - outlet pipe), vacuum cleaners and sometime to hide the desktop wires. But these pipes are different

Bathroom Vent Fan

For bathrooms and also kitchen vent fans serve well for ventilation purpose. Vent fans very commonly called as exhaust fans help move the smoke, moisture and bad odor out from the room. Vent fans are installed in or near the shower or tub. The exhaust points are usually placed opposite the supply air source to

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