Types of Lighting Fixtures

To enhance home interiors, there are different types of lights & lighting fixtures used for residential purpose. Different types of lighting fixtures that add value to your furniture’s, home are Indirect lighting or Cove lighting, Chandeliers, cabinet lights, recessed lights, mirror lights, picture lights, table light/lamp, etc. Ceiling Lights Ceiling lights are available in different

Incandescent light vs CFL lights vs LED lights

I met a home owner the other day and he asked the difference between incandescent, CFL and LED lights. Below is gist of what we spoke about… Incandescent light- Incandescent lights are the regular filament bulb/lamp. In incandescent bulb/lamp the wire filament gets heated to a temperature by current passing through it until it lit

Tips on Kitchen Lighting & Living Room Lighting

Let’s start with kitchen lighting tips… Lighting in kitchen is usually the last thing to consider when re-doing whole Kitchen. But it also needs to be properly lit to look good and function well. Lights in kitchen shall be as less as possible. Here I mean if 2 lights are enough, don’t add a 3rd

Data Cable Connection Wiring inside Home

What is DATA Cable Wiring? Is it important to have data cable provision done with electrical wiring? Data Cable wiring is cable wiring done for cable purpose, electrical appliances like TV, telephone, etc. The socket for data cables is given along with the switch board for lights and fans and other electrical purpose switches. I

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