Why is kitchen electrical wiring so important than any other room ?

Electrical wiring is the most important thing to be taken care of in homes. But the most important thing with electrical wiring is dividing the circuit for every room, especially for kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen is the most important place as far as electrical wiring is concerned since it has the most heavy duty electrical appliances. Heavy duty appliances like microwave, refrigerator, sometimes geyser & dishwasher. It is essential to distribute circuit in for these appliances to avoid the risk of loading which could lead to catching fire at times. And therefore we suggest all home owners to check for different circuit being arranged for different rooms and most importantly for kitchen.

Buy saying that there should be different circuit for heavy duty appliances in kitchen, I don’t mean to say that have as many circuit as appliances. What I mean is that distribute the connections of lights and electrical appliances in 2-3 circuits.

For example, 1 circuit can be dedicated for lights-fan and refrigerator, and other for microwave/oven & mixer and 3rd one for dishwasher and geyser (if available). By doing this the circuit or electric load gets divided in 2 or 3 circuit and the risk of overloading that could catching fire is reduced to zero.

The size of wire used for electrical appliance too play and important role.

Another aspect that shall be taken care, especially by electricians is the use of wire size. Few factors that help electrician decide on wire size are the gauge of the wire and for which device or purpose it will be used. Usually for residential purpose, 2.5mm and 4mm wire size is used. 4mm size of wire is used for heavy duty appliance like a 2-2.5 ton AC. Big size wire like 6 mm is used especially for wire connecting the main circuit box in homes to the panel boxes of building/society. 2.5 mm wires are used for internal wiring purpose. Nothing below 2.5 wire size is and shall be ever used.

Few electricians prefer using 4mm wire for all heavy duty electric appliances and lights-fans too to avoid future issues. This help reduce problems like changing wire/wiring very often and the wire does not get heated up easily.

Very rarely few electricians use 6mm wire for residential wiring purpose. Here the home owner will never have to worry about changing the wire/wiring ever unless and until there’s major issues.