To enhance home interiors, there are different types of lights & lighting fixtures used for residential purpose. Different types of lighting fixtures that add value to your furniture’s, home are Indirect lighting or Cove lighting, Chandeliers, cabinet lights, recessed lights, mirror lights, picture lights, table light/lamp, etc.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are available in different styles like flush mount and direct ceiling lights (that get concealed in ceiling) A variety of contemporary, modern and traditional style designs are available in flush mount lights. Ceiling lights are very much used in high activity areas like kitchens, living room, laundry room & play area.

Stripe led cove light

Stripe LED Cove Lighting

Indirect Lighting or Cove lighting

These lights are installed in false ceiling in such a way that the reflection of light produced is visible. Cove lights can only be installed where false ceiling is available to can be created.


Usually Chandeliers are installed to provide general overall light. Chandelier are usually used in open space or big rooms that set a different tone and mood than any other lights.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are like concealed lights. Recessed lights can installed on normal ceiling and false ceiling, both. Recessed lights can be used for different purpose like overall room lighting, as a task light, or as accent lights, or as décor. In recessed lights you have different trims/style of lighting fixtures like baffles, splay, eyeball, reflector, open, decorative, and shower. Each of these have different lighting characteristics and performance. Usually contractors will help home owners select the best suited style needed for a house.
You have Recessed lights that provide concentrated light that depends on the bulb and the trim. These concentrated recessed type of lighting fixtures are usually recommended for kitchen counter tops, as under cabinet lights, main work area in different rooms and dressing room/area.

Recessed LED Lights

Recessed LED Lights

Other lighting fixture like Pendants, wall lighting, table lamps etc. are used for ambience purpose. Usually when a contractor/interior designer visits a home owner, he studies the nature of home owner first by knowing what he likes-dislikes, how much is ready to spend on interiors and more. Accordingly the contractor suggest different type of light and lighting fixtures to him.

But a home owner can have the right ambience created with above mentioned lighting fixtures only if the walls are painted in color shades. I am telling this because few home owners like dark and loud colors like red, copper, etc. that kill the effect of beautiful ambience lights. Not only that dark colors also tend to disturb the home owner’s behavior and living. I therefore suggest home owners to always have soft colors like white, off white and pastel shades for interior walls. Soft color painted walls help you soothe the house environment and create the needed ambience with different lighting fixtures installed.