Let’s start with kitchen lighting tips…

Lighting in kitchen is usually the last thing to consider when re-doing whole Kitchen. But it also needs to be properly lit to look good and function well.

Lights in kitchen shall be as less as possible. Here I mean if 2 lights are enough, don’t add a 3rd light unnecessarily in there to make it a brighter place. This is the most common mistake many home-owners make. Having too much of light in kitchen results in what I call is Glare bomb (i.e., too bright that everything in kitchen including fixtures are over powering it.)

But make sure lights used in kitchen are very powerful. Two rooms in house- kitchen and study room are major working areas where you require powerful lights. But this doesn’t mean that you add extra lights to make these areas brighter. Also maintenance becomes an issue if there are too many lights in kitchen.

For bigger kitchen’s, well lit work area is essential for safety purpose too. For big size kitchens, usually different types of light like ceiling mount lights, recessed and natural light too at right areas proves to be very beneficial.

Before buying different pretty lights, take time (along with your contractor/designer) to plan work area for kitchen to ensure that the room will be well lit as per its working areas.

Living Room Lighting tips…

Lighting in living room is essential than any other thing as it is used for different purposes. Also living room is a place where everyone from friends to relatives, guests, & others visit. Therefore it’s important to have appropriate lighting here to not only to make it look great in space but also, accommodate different types of activities and create a right ambience in living room. Also living room defines home owner’s style and nature of living & therefore I suggest all home owners to have their living rooms well lit with right kind of lights.

For living rooms a blend of different types of light, primary lights, ambience lights and cove lights or even table lights shall be used to create a positive and welcoming feel. You also have dimmer switches easily available in market. This dimmer switch can be added to every single light in the room. Using these dimmer switches at right time can totally change the mood in the room. Well they are not expensive, but u see it can change the mood instantly.